Thank you for taking the time to consider my application to join the 2K team. In support of this application, I hope the below offers you more of an insight to the kind of creative and technical work that I have undertaken in my capacities as Digital Design Lead and Development Manager at Epsilon & Hawkeye. I sign off with a little more information about my background and why I feel particularly drawn to the 2K team.


While my experiences at a professional capacity extend around 10 years in the industry, you may have noticed that my educational background is decidedly accolated with a Game Design. Below, I briefly describe my thoughts on how a background in Game Design arms me with many of the key skills required for any creative or technical role.

I was a founder of Pixel Wolf Studios: a Dublin-based game development startup. This entrepreneurial experience in a startup was invaluable to my career. One of the reasons I chose to study Game Design in the first place is because it combines all of the things that I find riveting about working in an innovative field:

  • Conceptualisation of original ideas;
  • Problem-solving;
  • Design of creative, user-centered and interactive experiences;
  • Visual identity;
  • Technical and agile development;
  • Story and character development;
  • The challenge of form vs function;
  • Communication strategies;
  • All wrapped up in a data-informed feedback loop.

…feedback, that can be immediately evaluated as the users interact, and fed straight back into the production cycle to leverage the growth of improvements and better-informed strategies. For me, studying Game Design was the ultimate way to achieve a comprehensive understanding of all of these interdisciplinary skill sets in an agile and technically-founded way. And now, backed with the corporate experience of leading and growing teams, I’m confident that I can rise to the challenges that 2K has to offer.

Wrapping up

Having a strong working-understanding of what each department does affords me a better vantage point for clearly communicating strategic concepts to various key stakeholders; marketing partners, managing directors, account and project managers and even directly with clients.

Besides the consultations and technical development work that I do at Hawkeye, I am also a team manager. I manage a dispersed, technical team that consists of developers, QA engineers & digital designers both here in Ireland and in the UK. It was important to me that I gain as much experience as possible in people management and team development. On top of my educational and technical background, being able to contribute to other people’s careers in such a direct manner is a life changing responsibility. All of the team members that I currently manage I interviewed directly and worked closely with talent acquisitions to find the right candidates for the team.

I think these experiences combined, act as very important ingredients in building an innovative, creative and collaborative culture.

I feel that I can bring a lot of added value to your already undoubtedly amazing team. I’d be more than happy to share some more details about any of the projects I’ve worked on or indeed my experiences beyond what I’ve described above. If you feel that my skills and experience wouldn’t suit this job post, but have something else in mind, I’d be delighted to discuss more with you. My details are below and at the bottom of my CV if you’d like to arrange a chat.

I do hope to hear from you soon. Thanks again for your time and consideration.

Michael Piercy

Phone: 085 722 8548