Danone – First 1000 Days

The last example that I want to share today, is work from a pitch that I worked on with my colleagues. The part I played in this was to pitch to head up the technology side of the offerings. The client wanted to revamp their website and open up their content to become more available across new channels that appeal to their very specific target audiences. Parents (with a focus on mothers) of babies within their first 1000 days of life from conception to their second birthday.

While the teams worked on various styles of collateral from new branding, to radio advert scripts and tv spots, I worked with our digital designers on how the customer journey would manifest itself in the most appropriate mediums. The solution was a new website, with customer logins, and a mobile app that encouraged further engagement with the content by uniquely personalising each members’ experience with the brand; tracking their progress through pregnancy and beyond and offering categorised content tailored to their specific stage in their 1000 day journey.¬†Unfortunately, this work was not chosen to move forward, however, it was an applaudable collaboration of efforts from across the studio.

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