Programming and Design

When designing and developing games, I’ve used a range of programming languages and development tools such as Actionscript 3.0, and Flash, Photoshop and After Effects among others. More recently, I’ve been developing for both iOS and Android mobile platforms using Corona SDK and LUA.

Here’s just a few mobile development projects that I’ve worked on. Feel free to get in touch to find out more.


Save the Cheese


A fast paced, whacky and hopefully fun game in which the player must drag the attacking germs away from the helpless cheese. Releasing the germs on their colour coordinated corners will destroy them. How many can you destroy before the cheese goes bad?!

I designed the front end of Save the Cheese using Adobe Creative Suite 5 tools  and developed the game using Corona SDK.

Save the cheese is available to download
from both Google Play and Apple App Store.


The Imagination of Jamie Jones

This is Jamie Jones, surrounded by his polymorphing, colour coordinated friends: The Quartz.

View a video of a prototype demo of Jamie and his adventures here.

Once again, I designed and developed this prototype game using Corona SDK and a range of Adobe tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

The Imagination of Jamie Jones is not currently available to download but you can check out a full walkthrough video of the prototype here


I’m a Creepy Crawly

I'm a Creepy Crawly
The I’m a Creepy Crawly app was designed for both iOS iPads and Android tablet devices using Corona SDK platform and LUA programming. It was published by Monster Entertainment in 2013 to coincide with the international distribution of the cartoon series of the same name.


Wakalaps Walks

Wakalaps WalksWakalaps Walks is an animated mini-game designed for both iOS and Android devices. Mix & Match the animated body parts to put the characters together or muddle them up to make new ones. The architecture of this app was built to offer a turn-key solution for future similar apps. Wakalaps have gone on to use this structure to publish multiple apps.


Quartz: Pop ‘N’ Drop

Pop ‘N’ Drop is a traditional block colour matching puzzler in which players must clock up a top score within the time limit by matching three or more coloured Quartz in a row.

I first designed and prototyped Pop ‘N’ Drop using Adobe Flash and Action Script 3.0 before developing for both iOS and Android markets using Corona SDK. I have plans to release Pop ‘N’ Drop to the Apple App Store and Google Play store in the near future.