We, the Jugglers

We juggle. We’re jugglers. We juggle life until we drop all the balls. We juggle time, home, family, health, ambitions, friends, careers… And the balls are not of equal size nor equal weights. No. They’re all different – in-fact they change mid-air. One ball is nice and light; controllable. Then in a moment, it’s too heavy to handle. All we want is balance. For the balls in our act to balance out. Because, it’s not the juggling that bothers us. No; The juggling is not bad at all. When we see past the hurt, exhaustion and fear of dropping – we catch that glimpse. That awe inspiring, motivational reminder of why we’re juggling in the first place. And it’s only a glimpse that we need. That little insight that gives us enough energy to push through and keep on going. Sometimes it’s in a look in your wife’s eye; a child’s laugh; a strangers compliment; a pat on the back from a colleague…the glimpse can come from anywhere. So keep on juggling. And give someone a glimpse every now and then.